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Republicans are trying to FIX all this mess Obama got us into. Republicans finally had to pass a bill to REDUCE the deficit and that's something that the democrats didn't do for 2 solid years, which proves that the democrats are not responsible enough to keep this country's budget in order. This country should give Calif. back to the Mexicans so we can get rid of another irresponsible and broken state, this way we can get rid of Pelosi and all the democrats running this nanny state. THIS COUNTRY HAS NO MONEY and neither California. SPEND, SPEND , SPEND....not a good way to run a country that has to borrow what it spends.
Did that come from Looney Tunes are some Fairy tale. We are in the middle of the Great GWSoupForBrains depression and you try to transfer ownership without a deed. Big tax cuts and two wars on the credit card by ol GW resulted in not one net new job during his administration and an economy going pellmell into the sewer. It was the end of his second term, so it can't be blamed on Clinton. He also spent the $2.7 trillion Social Security surplus. Wasn't he a Repugnant, or perhaps a genuine teabagger? Depression, brought to you by Republican collusion.