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Thread: Post A Picture That 'Causes Emotional Distress' And You Could Face Jailtime In Tenn.

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    Re: Post A Picture That 'Causes Emotional Distress' And You Could Face Jailtime In Te

    Quote Originally Posted by Viktyr Korimir View Post
    This strikes me as a perfectly reasonable law. Free speech is not a blanket justification for flouting the sensibilities of the community.
    Define "emotional distress" and "reasonable expectation" when it comes to publicly available information. A youtube video could "reasonably" be expected to be viewed by anyone on the planet, right?

    Does Goetse cause "emotional distress?" I thought it was gross. Is that distress? How do I prove whether I was distressed? What about posting a picture of a burning flag? A burning bible? Quran? Burning PERSON?

    Pictures of starving children are really, really sad.

    Do I really have to account for the "sensibilities" of every single person on my Facebook friends list? One of my friends works for an oil company. He might be "emotional distressed" if I make comments about climate change, right?
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    We’ll say what? Something like “nothing happened” ... Yeah, we might say something like that.

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