Egyptians say economy tops their list of concerns, not democracy - The Washington Post

I thought this poll (and the earlier Pew poll) was pretty interesting. It gives a much more accurate picture of what the Egyptian people are thinking, than we often get in the echo chamber of the US media which is fueled by hysteria. Egypt may or may not establish a functional democracy (or it may take them a while), but the views of Egyptians don't really sound that scary. Here are some of the findings:

  • Eight in 10 respondents said they anticipated their economic situation would be better in the coming year.
  • Seven in 10 respondents said they had never voted in past elections, which were riddled with fraud.
  • Almost everyone surveyed — 95 percent — said they were very or somewhat likely to cast ballots in parliamentary elections scheduled for September.
  • 65 percent said they had no idea which party they would back.
  • Only 15 percent said they support the Muslim Brotherhood, which favors a government guided by Islamic sharia law.
  • Less than 1 percent of respondents favor an Iran-style Islamic theocracy.
  • Only 15 percent said their political opinions were strongly influenced by religious figures, with many more citing family members and military leaders.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the respondents said they supported the protests in January and February because of unhappiness over low living standards or a shortage of jobs.
  • In contrast, just 19 percent named a lack of democracy.
  • Two-thirds of respondents wanted Egypt to be closer to the United States than to Iran.
  • Only 20 percent of Egyptians had a favorable view of the United States.