So here’s a new wrinkle for the recall saga in Wisconsin. Three of the elections against state Senate Republicans have already been certified. There is a hearing scheduled this week to deal with challenges to the other six – three against Republicans, three against Democrats. But the Government Accountability Board has delayed the decision on the Democratic recalls, because of allegations of faulty signature-gathering.
I predict that, while some fraud may be proven, it won't be enough to reduce the number of valid signatures below the threshold needed for recall, and that the recall against the 3 Democrats will move forward.

But here's the rub - Republicans have shouted loudly the word "fraud" when it comes to the recall efforts by the Democrats against the GOP, but Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board found that there is sufficient evidence of fraud against, not the Democrats, but THE REPUBLICANS, to warrant an investigation.

Repeat after me - He who smelt it dealt it. LOL.

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