JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Nearly 24 hours after the polls closed in Jacksonville's mayoral election, some additional, heavily scrutinized votes were tallied, pushing Democrat Alvin Brown 1,648 votes ahead of Republican Mike Hogan.
Is the Republican party going in the wrong direction? Voters in one of the most Conservative cities in America believe so, and voted for a Democrat, in an upset that is pretty much unprecedented. The last time a Democrat was mayor there was more than 20 years ago. Reagan had just become president, and the term "Neocon" didn't even exist. How far the Republican party has gone down the tubes since then, and betrayed their Conservative values, speaks for itself. Many real Conservatives didn't even vote in this election. They didn't need to. The party claiming to represent them wasn't representing them.

To the GOP - You need to get your act together, and get rid of the batcrap crazy element, or there are going to be a lot more results like this one.

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