yesterday: Governor signs Arizona-style immigration bill into law *|


the peach state, it turns out, is 7th highest in the nation with 425,000 illegals

obama---hb87 is "a mistake, we can't have 50 different immigration laws"

this, in the week he's taking flak for NOT doing anything about immigration reform except make speeches

Obama's immigration speech comes amid calls for executive action - Carrie Budoff Brown -

like the one in el paso where he once again downright insulted domestics on the other side of his issue, comparing em this time to some latter day johns of gaunt

except the father of bolingbroke didn't keep alligators in his moat

come to think of it, no one did

i mean, how ya gonna transport an alligator from the everglades to york?

how's a knight to catch one in the first place?

the whole thing just doesn't make any sense, mr president

meanwhile, according to the government accountability office, the fence you claim is "nearly complete" is actually 90% uncontrolled

Federal Auditor: Border Patrol Can Stop Illegal Entries Along Only 129 Miles of 1,954-Mile Mexican Border |

and phoenix, tho it's not quite the kidnapping capital of the universe, well, it's got some real problems

so does atlanta

oh well, party on, mr prez

viva la crocodilo!