Looks like Walker is having to remove egg from face. He was trying to make his "open for business" strategy look like it was working big time - instead, he had to do an about face on his Press Release. Can't blame him for trying to look good to Wisconsin, too bad he rushed to share his good news!

Walker does about-face on new biz filings

Business Journal - by Stacy Vogel Davis
Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 9:46am CDT

“New Wisconsin business filings on record pace” – that was the gist of a press release issued by Gov. Scott Walker Monday. But a snafu at the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has the Walker administration doing an about-face.
Turns out, business filings aren’t on a record pace after all.
The original news release said new business filings jumped 25 percent in the first quarter of 2011 to more than 9,000, a record for the state. The release used the numbers as proof that Walker’s open-for-business strategy is working.
A few hours later, the governor’s office issued a second release saying the numbers didn’t add up. The original numbers were from the Department of Workforce Development’s Office of Economic Advisors, which has since revised its totals.
“The new numbers do not reflect a significant uptick in new business formations,” the corrected release said.

Walker does about-face on new biz filings | The Business Journal