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Thread: Uganda walk-to-work protests kick up dust

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    Uganda walk-to-work protests kick up dust

    The Ugandan people are protesting the rising prices in their nation. Their protest consists of them walking to work, needless to say, the Ugandan government is displeased with this.

    Being hauled up before courts and jailed just because you have chosen to walk to work as a form of protest is something unimaginable in many countries. But in Uganda it happens.

    Security forces are harassing and have been locking up opposition politicians and their supporters who are taking part in a protest against spiralling food and fuel prices by walking to work.

    The walk-to-work protest, as it is called, began on April 11. A group calling itself Activists for Change (A4C) organised the demonstration and opposition politicians - keen to show they are concerned about people's discontent over rising prices - heeded the call to take part. The Ugandan people also want the government to spend money on social and economic programs, not military equipment.

    But the protest got off to a stuttering start as the leading opposition figure, Kizza Besigye, was promptly intercepted by security forces when he was leaving his home in Kasangati near Kampala, the capital. Another politician, Nobert Mao, head of the Democratic Party, and an opposition MP were also picked up.

    Besigye, who was arrested for a fourth time on Thursday a day after he was freed on bail on condition that he does not stage more protests, had been given three options: To return to his house or be driven to work in a police vehicle or send for his personal car and drive to work. He chose none.

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    Re: Uganda walk-to-work protests kick up dust

    Seriously since Eddie Ammen was out of power the lack of news coming from Uganda led me to believe they mostly still walked everywhere already.

    I wonder what is going to happen here now that what I said about Obama's rule was going to prices has come to pass.

    Obama's energy policy before the election had me saying this would happen here, and now we have it.

    Congrats if hoped for change you got it. Happy now?

    If you are one of the millions who have learned that Obama is a worthless amateur I forgive you, sort of.

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