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Thread: French troops enter centre of Abidjan

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    French troops enter centre of Abidjan

    French ground troops have entered the centre of the main Ivory Coast city of Abidjan for the fist time as incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo refuses to quit.

    Helicopter gunships are firing in the area around Mr Gbagbo's residence.

    On Sunday, UN and French helicopter gunships began a new operation they said was aimed at destroying heavy weapons near Mr Gbagbo's residence.

    Mr Gbagbo has been refusing to cede power to internationally-recognised President Alassane Ouattara.

    Loud explosions can be heard echoing around the lagoons which surround the centre of the city, says the BBC's Mark Doyle in Abidjan.

    On Monday morning, a large column of French armoured vehicles left the French military base in Abidjan.

    A spokesman for Mr Ouattara has said his troops were involved as well, and that this was the largest joint attack since the conflict began.

    The action will not stop until Mr Gbagbo steps down, the spokesman added.

    French helicopter strikes have partially destroyed Mr Gbagbo's residence, one of his ministers said.
    BBC News - French troops enter centre of Abidjan

    So France, about all that opposition to Iraq and regime change... Do you have any more criticism to share or you done

    Have fun ****ing around in Africa, i wouldn't advise it

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    Re: French troops enter centre of Abidjan

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetboogieman View Post
    Have fun ****ing around in Africa, i wouldn't advise it
    The French invented condoms, they should be fine.
    So follow me into the desert
    As desperate as you are
    Where the moon is glued to a picture of heaven
    And all the little pigs have God

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