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Thread: Judge re: McPier - No Interference in Collective Bargaining

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    Judge re: McPier - No Interference in Collective Bargaining

    In a ruling that has far-reaching implications for Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri, a federal judge threw out labor law reforms at Chicago’s McCormick Place that the Illinois state legislature enacted in 2010 following supplication from the convention industry.
    The ruling by U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman affirms that collective bargaining rights cannot be overturned by governmental edict. Guzman told the Legislature “it had no business trying to interfere with collective bargaining” according to Marvin Gittler, an attorney representing Local 727 of the Teamsters.
    While the GOP nationwide seeks to bust down public sector unions, and battles rage in Wisconsin and other states, a Federal judge has made a decision that will have far reaching implications. State governments cannot enforce fiat decisions that interfere with collective bargaining, which is guaranteed under Federal law. The key here is the National Labor Relations Act, which was passed in 1935, and does not allow federal, state, or local governments to dictate terms, through laws, which limit collective bargaining.

    This decision is certainly going to be appealed, but it is very possible that the orchestrated attempt by the GOP to bust public sector unions across the nation is going bye bye.

    Article is here.
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    Re: Judge re: McPier - No Interference in Collective Bargaining

    So, impeach the judge, who clearly believes the Constitution was never amended.

    The Tenth Amendment trumps the NLRB.

    Since the privilege of collective bargaining was established by government edict, it's absurd to claim that government edict can't get rid of the stupid practice.

    perhaps the judge could try reading the 13th Amendment? It comes just three amendments after the Tenth, if he needs help finding it.
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