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How are we propping up Europe?
Americans have been involved in European based wars since WWI and have been largely responsible for European security since the end of WWII and the Marshall Plan. There are still US Bases in Europe.
We didn't start operating in Libya recently because Europe couldn't handle it, we did it because we are allies and its important diplomatically to support each other.

If we are really European Allies, where is Germany? The fact is that there isn't any real Europe in a military sense, it's only a geographical location with some trade agreements. They have no military and although the EU has a mysterious President whose job description is unknown, no one person actually speaks for "Europe",
Why did Europe go into Afghanistan after 9/11? To support us, and would you believe many European partisans believe they are the ones propping us up there? Because if it weren't for their tens of thousands of troops there we wouldn't have the troops to do things like Iraq. I disagree with that entirely but both you and those europeans who think that are wrong.
Europeans should be involved because terrorism is an international problem, not an American problem. It seems many Americans are grateful Europeans are involved only because of its rarity. It's the Americans who usually take the responsibility, cost, and the loss of life, which makes any European help seems more exaggerated than it really should be.