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Thread: Arab League condemns broad bombing campaign in Libya

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    Re: Arab League condemns broad bombing campaign in Libya

    Quote Originally Posted by The Prof View Post
    the arab league, as well, is not reliable

    the league will not be stuck with the NATION BUILDING that must naturally ensue if gadaffi goes

    we will
    The goal of every Muslim leader in the ME has been to remain in power, get rich (family and friends) with very few exceptions....

    And since maintaining their power is their primary objective, they will work at suppressing competing political parties, opposition leaders and particularly, religious elements. Have any of the Arab presidents followed strict Muslim teachings? They love their wealth, booze, women and their ****ing power.

    They give 2 ****s about nation building.


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    Re: Arab League condemns broad bombing campaign in Libya

    Quote Originally Posted by MSgt View Post
    No, he is hinting at the truth. I would throw in "tribal" in front of "Muslim brothers and sisters" for more accuracy. It is historical, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not.

    The tribe always stickes together....

    1) They condemn Saddam Hussein's actions into Kuwait, yet insist that he be allowed to maintain his control over Baghdad (important religious city to Islam).

    2) Saddam Hussein himself bombs Israel as the world sits on his door step in order to appeal to the religious for support, for which they praised him (as well as his paid insurance policies for suicide bombers). A secular dictator appealing to the religious for support? He knew the hatreds within his region.

    3) Sunni leadership condemned Hussein's treatment of Muslims in Iraq for twelve years, yet sent in their radical youth from all over the region to murder Muslim Shia and coalition forces after he is removed.

    4) Mubarak accuses the outside of meddling with Muslims in a hopes to churn up radical support for his throne.

    5) Gudaffi labels us "crusaders," which is a plea to the radical base and a throwback term for religious war. (Notice the dictator trend of desparation?)

    6) Al-Jazeera barely noticed the Muslim slaughter in Sudan by a Sunni dictator. I guess the Sunni tribe didn't want the publicity.

    The point here is that they always look towards the tribe to ultimately set aside morality against what has become the traditional scapegoat. Thereby, sticking together in a crisis. The Muslim Brotherhood, despite being amongst bad borders and throughout he region, does stick together whenever they need. Their struggle along the way has appeared to be about de-conflicting or balancing good morality, Islam's truer prescriptions, and image with their attempts to unite the people under the common uneducated hate, remain in power, and diversion tactics. The only time they are at each other's throats is when they need to re-establish tribal authoriy against other Muslims (which is a sin within Islam, making them their own ultimate enemy of "God").
    I agree with most of what you are saying here except on what basis is Baghdad an important 'religious' city to Islam. It is certainly important in Islamic history and culture, but it is not regarded as one of the three holy cities of the religion. Could you please clarify???
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