I was wrong. I figured she would dump the job in about June to run against Obama.

She will be too old in 2016, besides I think she has a real drinking problem. We know she has no home life what with Bill tripping all over the world doing God only knows who. I mean what. No I was right the first time.

Clinton: No interest in job if Obama wins in 2012 - Politics - msnbc.com

WASHINGTON Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday she does not want to stay in her job if President Barack Obama wins a second term in 2012.

The top U.S. diplomat also firmly said she neither has plans to mount another White House bid nor interest in other posts, such as vice president or defense secretary.

Clinton, visiting Cairo, was asked whether she would stay on in a second Obama term. She also was asked if she would like the jobs of president, vice president or defense secretary. She offered single word responses to each: "No."