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Thread: US unarmed drones track drug gangs in Mexico - report

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    US unarmed drones track drug gangs in Mexico - report

    The US has been sending unarmed drones over Mexico since February to gather intelligence on major drug cartels. The missions had been kept secret because of Mexican legal restraints and sensitivities over sovereignty.
    BBC News - US unarmed drones track drug gangs in Mexico - report

    "It wasn't that long ago when there was no way the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) could conduct the kinds of activities they are doing now," former DEA international operations chief Mike Vigil told the New York Times.

    "And the only way they're going to be able to keep doing them is by allowing Mexico to have plausible deniability."
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    Re: US unarmed drones track drug gangs in Mexico - report

    Screw Mexican sovereignty Mexico isn't doing nearly enough to stop the flow of drugs and like Obama nothing to stop illegals.

    My first response to this was I thought I wonder who ordered these flights because it doesn't fit with Obama's do nothing reactions so far.

    Unless Obama has done this to make it look like he's doing something and nothing will be done with the intel except a token bust here and there. That sounds more like Obama and Napolitano to me.

    Now if they were to arm them and shut at them when they cross the border.

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