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Thread: Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant

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    Re: Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant

    Quote Originally Posted by ludahai View Post
    Does anyone even know how to design for an 8.9 quake??? The entire island of Honshu moved 2.4 meters for goodness stake. I know Taipei 101 was built for a 7.0 jolt... I would hate to see what would happen were Taipei hit by an 8.9 quake...
    If you want the real answer, you do so by controlling which parts of the building or structure you want to fail. You utilize the properties of the material. Basically, you have certain pieces "under-built" so that when earthquake loads are present they yield. When a piece of steel, for example, is yielding you know that the load is constant. Thus you limit the load in the structure to the load needed to yield these certain pieces. This is speaking from a structural standpoint.

    For a system like nuclear power plant you would have multiple redundancies, so if one portion of the plant fails you have something to back it up, and something to back up the backup, etc.
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