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Thread: Illinois abolishes death penalty, clears death row

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    Re: Illinois abolishes death penalty, clears death row

    Quote Originally Posted by Councilman View Post
    As for being a deterrent the death penalty is a bust because it is not carried out and the methods of carring it out have made it too easy when it is used.

    It is better to make it painful for the offenders if they are stuck in prison for life without parole with no privileges for life. They need to know that there is a real price to pay without TV radio the internet or anything but bunk mate Bubba to keep them company.

    To be effextib=ve we need to go back to, "You will be taken to a place of execution at sunrise where where you will be hanged by the neck until dead.

    Then there mght be a reduction in murders.
    There would also undoubtedly be a rise in the numbers of innocent people put to death, because their Constitutional right of due process was stripped from them.
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