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Thread: Romney seeks to address health care woes

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    Romney seeks to address health care woes

    BARTLETT, N.H. – Call it an attempt to address an obvious political vulnerability. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Saturday derided President Barack Obama's health care law — modeled in some ways after one the ex-governor signed in Massachusetts — as a misguided and egregious effort to seize more power for Washington.
    Yea, take it from ole Mitt Romney. Obama's health care plan, patterned much after the health care plan that he himself, as governor, installed in Massachusetts, is bad. It's like Jimmy the Greek one day getting up on a high horse and telling Americans that gambling is bad. Seriously, I got a kick out of this...... Damn, what do you call it?...... Oh yea.......

    Unmitigated hypocrisy!! What a dishonest.....

    Oops, I will leave it at that. The only way for me to continue is to bypass the profanity filter, and I certainly don't want infraction points.

    Article is here.
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    Re: Romney seeks to address health care woes

    Romney is no Statesman and after the disaster of Obama we need a true Statesman not another wannabe who will say what ever he thinks we need to hear to get elected.

    I am still waiting because there has to be a qualified person person out there who will deal with the facts and truth and not be afraid to use both to tell the truth about what a total and complete failure the Liar in Chief Obama has been and what his major mistakes have cost us in the economy and the damage he has done to our credibility by being the great appeaser, and what he has done by insulting some of our allies. Not to mention his weak kneed response to border issues.

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