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Thread: Mexican town confronts cartel gunmen

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    Mexican town confronts cartel gunmen

    "Couple of days ago Jesus Torres Guzman, delegate of the Municipality of General Francisco R. Murguia south of Zacatecas, received a visit from several members of an Organize Crime group. They asked hm to go door to door to seize the weapons from the inhabitants in a town called Nieves(Snows).

    Torres Guzman had agreed to meet with the Cartel members on a sunday to deliver the weapons. He went door to door asking the population to give up its weapons, if not the entire town will suffer the consequences. a message that he was ordered to give.

    However when that date arrived. The inhabitants had a plan not to give to the intimidations. They prepared to surprise the threatning criminals, waiting on the site Torres Guzman and the Organize Crime group agreed to meet. Although they were not going to give there weapons up instead they would confront them. A gunbattle erupted between the armed criminals and the civilian population that lasted for various hours. Municipal Police arrived only to met by gunfire from the criminal group and retreated.

    It has been confirmed that two people lost there lives. However there identitys are not known. As for the Municipality Offical Jesus Torres Guzman it has been confirmed that he has been kidnapped later on after the clash."
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    Its a good thing that more and more Mexicans are standing up against the terrorists.

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    Re: Mexican town confronts cartel gunmen

    Armed Citizens 1, criminal thugs 0.... but they need a lot more armed citizens with the guts to stand up to the cartels, right now the thugs have things too much their own way. The ending of this may be bad... I hope the townies are prepared for all-out war with that cartel.

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    Re: Mexican town confronts cartel gunmen

    When will we have what it takes to go after the Cartels as they invade our Nation? They are here killing and kidnapping now and the best that limp wrested Obama can do is pretend it's not happening and put up signs.

    Obama has to go and the sooner the better.

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