March 1, 2011 Yemen's American-backed president accused the U.S. and Israel of carrying out a "Zionist agenda" to foment revolution across the Arab world, as thousands of protesters poured into streets Tuesday in the largest rallies yet demanding his resignation.

Speaking to university students and academics in the capital, President Ali Abdullah Saleh claimed that the U.S. and Israel were behind the protest movements that have swept leaders from power in Tunisia and Egypt and have threatened regimes across Northern Africa and the Middle East.

"I am going to reveal a secret," Saleh said at Sanaa University. "There is an operations room in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing the Arab world. The operations room is in Tel Aviv and run by the White House."
Yemeni Leader Accuses U.S., Israel Of Plotting Unrest : NPR

Well, if you believe the recent Egyptian claim that Israel is putting sharks in the Red Sea in order to harm Egypt's tourists trade or the recent Sade claim that Israel is using buzzards as spies, then why not believe this?