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Thread: Oil Flows as Rebels Gain, Libyan Opposition Presses Gadhafi, Establishes Government

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    Oil Flows as Rebels Gain, Libyan Opposition Presses Gadhafi, Establishes Government

    Good News.
    Especially if the provisionals can somehow get paid and perhaps use the money for defense/weapons and establishing an an undefeatable alternative to Wack Job.
    Still worried about a Ghadaffly Mercenary Army making a counterattack.
    He has nothing to lose and lots of money and armament.

    Oil Flows as Rebels Gain in Libya -
    FEBRUARY 28, 2011
    By MARGARET COKER in Tripoli and CHARLES LEVINSON in Benghazi, Libya

    Libyan rebels pressed the regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi Sunday, taking control of a key city near the capital of Tripoli, declaring a provisional government and allowing oil shipments to resume from territory under their control.

    An oil tanker was expected to depart the port of Tobruk in the northeast corner of Libya sometime Sunday night carrying 700,000 barrels of oil, said Hassan Bulifa, a member of the management committee of Arabian Gulf Oil Co., Libya's largest oil producer and the only oil company based in the country's opposition-controlled eastern territory.

    The management committee has assumed control of day-to-day operations at the company after its chairman, Abdulwanis Saad, resigned during the uprising against Col. Gadhafi. Mr. Bulifa said he believed the tanker would be bound for China.

    The turmoil across the Middle East, cradle of much of the world's oil production, has sent prices soaring....
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