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I'm wonder what these mercenaries know or think about the situation, they have to know if Gaddafi is removed no one is going to pay them for their "services." So I'm thinking either they believe they will win, or at least that Gaddafi will be around long enough to pay them, or they think its worth the risk. OR they are being paid for their time, and not just X amount until the job is done. In that case I'm wondering how much money Gaddafi has, and if he runs out will the mercenaries abandon him then? OR the worst of the diehard supporters of Gaddafi are controlling thing like all access in and out of Tripoli, and therefore have essentially trapped the mercenaries there or at least upped the ante if they choose to leave because they'd have to fight their way out.
From what I've read, it doesn't seem that these people have been hired to fight in this conflict. Gaddhafi, apparently, for years has been arming and training various rebel groups from other African nations and allowing them to find safe harbor in Libya when necessary, and their own safety and well being depends on Gaddhafi's survival. In addition, some other Africans have over the years moved to Libya and joined the various security services, and these are also loyal to Gaddhafi. In addition, there are large numbers of other Africans who have come to Libya to work, and some of these may also be loyal to Gaddhafi. It seems that the rebels are calling any non Libyan who is fighting for Gaddhafi a mercenary, but many of these might just as easily be called non Libyan partisans.