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I hope she is tough enough to get past this enough to go back to work, but I also hope she has learned that her life is worth more than any story.

I am sorry this happened to her but she should have known the risks were enormous.
I think she is tough... She has been a journalist for a long time, and has probably been in some really bad and dangerous situations. Journalists take risks.. just like cops, firemen, soldiers, etc.

Lara is a very intelligent woman, and when she does get though this, and I know she will, she has every right to go back into that professional. If she loves her job, so be it. It's her right to decide to keep doing it, and I won't judge her for it.

I am very sad that this happened to her, and wish her all the best. She has my support.

The worst thing that could happen would be for those men to not only violate her body, but to make her hate and fear going back to the profession she loved and had passion for. I hope she doesn't allow them destroy her or make her life less enjoyable.