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Thread: US Man Shot Pakistan Pair "In Cold Blood"

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    Re: US Man Shot Pakistan Pair "In Cold Blood"

    Quote Originally Posted by apdst View Post
    Who ever this hand is, we won't him back...bad.
    The guy must be important if the Whitehouse is getting involved. Seriously. Also, the two armed guys on a motorbike scenario is a common robbery, and... as I mentioned in another thread... assassination scenario. It wasn't long ago that some Pakistani muckity-muck was blown up in his car as two guys on a motorbike slapped a bomb on his windshield. If this fellow is one of our more important spies, he could very well have been targeted for assassination, and recognizing the attack, he got them before they got him.

    The fact that another embassy employee dashed immediately to his call for help and tried to get him back into embassy territory kind of supports that possibility.

    All I know is that if he's important enough for the Whitehouse to be willing to risk an international incident with a crucial ally in the region, then he's important enough that I want him back too!
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