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My understanding differs.

It usually has gone like this:

*some sort of attack/event occurs*

"Religion of peace at it again. Look what those Muslims do"
Not all Muslims agree with the Extremists. They are the minority
"That is a trick because according to Islam, you can decieve to infiltrate the West".
No ... that is a Shia concept which, once again. Are a minority
"All Muslims support stonings and things because Sharia states it's support"
Sharia law is a complex law and is based on interpretation. No two Muslims interpretation is the same
"You are lying, all scholars agree on it"
For the last time, Islam does not have a unifying body nor will it because we are not a centralized religion similar to that of Catholics.
"So why doesn't moderate Muslims stop it?! It's because you support it secretly. There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim anyway"
How do you propose we Moderate Muslims achieve in something the US has failed?
"It is your job to police your people".
Then I ask you again, how do I remove all terrorists
Yeah, sorry. No.
"Islam is a religion of violence and bloodshed."
All religions have violence in their history and I agree, Islam is just as bad as others but do not pretend Islam is the only religion which has had bloodshed
"Stop trying to change the subject to cover it up!! The Qu'ran should be changed"
The Qu'ran cannot be changed but I do support a reinterpretation of it.
"So you then support this then [enter vague Qu'ran paragraph]. Your people support violence against Non Muslims. That is why you will not stop terrorists"
I will not actively go abroad to search for terrorists. That is not my job.
"SEE, SEE! You support terrorists deep down and you know it!"
*sigh*. Yes, I support terrorists deep down, I worship Osama Bin Laden and I'm planning a terrorist attack right now and I dance naked to the tune of Hitler
*leaves thread*
More like:

"Look the Muslims sittin' back and doing nothing to stop Islamofacists, as usual. Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...someone will be blaming the U.S. for Islamic terrorism vice the terrorists".

That's wha's really said.