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Thread: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets

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    Re: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets

    Quote Originally Posted by WhyteRash View Post
    so the russians sent the info to the wiki dude?

    though its definitely sounding more ominous, i cant tell by the section 15 statement what the flying H its means..
    im just not good at gobbledygook.. can someone break this down intelligently?
    No, I can't. I think I know the reason, however. This cable is simply reporting minutes of a meeting, and referring to documents exchanged at the meeting by the title of the document. Without actually reading the documents mentioned, it's impossible to put any of this in context. And that is what the Telegraph article did, it made suppositions based on the title of documents they hadn't read, then drew inferences that the US had betrayed the UK. Then they printed that article in the UK, and got a whole lot of Brits hating the USA a lot more than they had before they'd read the article.

    I think that's why other MSM sites didn't pick up this story, including the BBC, CNN or NYT (which is also a Wikileaks cache site). Nothing in this cable either verifies or invalidates the Telegraph's interpretation. Since most journalistic establishments require at least two sources for validation, other MSM passed on it.
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