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Thread: 'Day of rage' to go ahead in Yemen, opposition says

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    'Day of rage' to go ahead in Yemen, opposition says

    Opposition leaders in Yemen vowed Wednesday to go ahead with anti-government protests on Thursday, billed as a "day of rage," despite a pledge by President Ali Abdullah Saleh not to extend his rule.
    Saleh's opponents accuse the 68-year-old president of grooming his eldest son Ahmed, who heads the Republican Guard, an elite unit of the army, to succeed him.

    'Day of rage' to go ahead in Yemen, opposition says - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
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    Re: 'Day of rage' to go ahead in Yemen, opposition says

    Once again, it looks like the left's most hated nemesis, Mr Loon, Glenn Beck is absolutely, 100% dead on accurate in his reading of the tea leaves. This is organized by groups in and out the the middle east, it's the coming insurrection and it started in europe and will end with world war infinity.

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    Re: 'Day of rage' to go ahead in Yemen, opposition says

    As I said before even Glenn Beck figured it out this was a movement by Radical Islamic Cultists that will lead to that same or similar conditions that have ruled Iran since the Ayatollah took over.

    Sharia Law will subjugate the people and the Muslim Brotherhood will want to see the Islamic Armageddon come to pass where the West will destroy the Muslims and Mohammad will return with Jesus at his side and take all Muslims to their promised hereafter.

    It is already a goal of the Iranians who have only a puppet President who rules nothing in reality and is operating only as he is told in the end.

    The claims that this is about Democracy is pure Bovine Scatology and the Obama Administration is in way over their pin heads on this one.

    Obama's appeasement has helped to fuel this and some people in the media like Alan Combs a Jew think it's about self rule.

    Truth is it's about Islamic rule and even the people who oppose the Dictators don't know what they are letting themselves and the rest of the world in for.

    It is high time that a world leader stepped up to the plate and did something, but I fear it maybe too late and this could lead to a major war no one will win.

    I am not sure what can be done at this point to stop this but a few well placed bullets early on could have slowed it down. I don't usually go for assassinations but there is time when the greater good can be served and save millions of lives.

    Imagine what the world would be like if Hitler, Mao, and Stalin had been taken out early.

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