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Thread: Fla. rep failed to explain thousands in expenses

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    Fla. rep failed to explain thousands in expenses

    Here is the kicker:

    Asked this week about Rivera, Republican House Speaker John Boehner said GOP leaders are watching the situation.

    "As I understand the allegations against Mr. Rivera, they don't involve any of his congressional service," Boehner said Wednesday. "These are activities that took place before he was elected. And I think we are waiting to see how this plays out."
    A great dance around a question if I ever saw one.

    In other news, it has been announced that John Boehner has filed an application for a name change. From now on, he is to be referred to as John Clinton, and it looks like he is going to be Presidential material too. Monica Lewinsky had no comment.

    Article is here
    The ghost of Jack Kevorkian for President's Physician: 2016

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    Re: Fla. rep failed to explain thousands in expenses

    I think it is prudent for John Boehner to have a wait a see attitude and not prejudge the outcome of an investigation.

    I also believe it should always be made clear that once the facts are in, if they prove wrong doing that the full weight of the Justice Dept. will be used to make sure that justice is served no matter who is involved or what party they belong to.

    I don't believe in rushing to judgment based on less than all the facts.

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