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Thread: Tennessee Democrat stands by Nazi remarks

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    Re: Tennessee Democrat stands by Nazi remarks

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatuey View Post
    What kind of non-sequitur is this? Read my comment about the inquisition again?
    When Sarah Palin goes on record to apologize for having compared her 'persecution' to that of Jews burned at the stake during the Catholic inquisition, maybe ludahai will buy himself a shovel and dig himself the dignity necessary to come up with an honest thread.
    That was your origial quote on the subject. 'Blood libel' had nothing to do with the Inquisition.

    This is exatcly where I wanted to catch you. Revising history to fit your point again. Regardless of whether or not the pope said blood libel was false, Catholic priests continued to make cases of blood libel during the Inquisition.
    I swear, dealing with people like yourself who have no sense of authority and history...

    Priests do NOT make Catholic Church policy; the Pope and Cardinals do.

    You're welcome to turn the **** around and leave your own thread now.
    Why would I do that when you are doing such a good job of making an utter fool of yourself.

    I already destroyed this link when you posted it the first time. EVERY example given is related to Judaism.
    You mean THESE two (which I quoted earlier in this thread, and you once again ignored)

    Quote Originally Posted by linked source posted earlier
    Accusations of ritual murder are being advanced by different groups to this day. One stated that physicians in the People's Republic of China who perform abortions consider the fetus a delicacy and eat it. The story, reported from Hong Kong by Bruce Gilley, was investigated by Senator Jesse Helms, and gruesome artwork reminiscent of traditional depictions of blood libel was featured in several anti-abortion campaigns. Eventually the story was proven to be false.[12]

    Another contemporary blood libel in the United States alleged, falsely, that both neopagans and Satanists used human blood, sexual abuse, or ritual murder, especially of children, in their rituals. Often Satanism, all of the diverse neopagan religions, the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and sometimes Roman Catholicism and liberal or non-fundamentalist Christian denominations, are portrayed as expressions of one monolithic and ancient global conspiracy of Satan-worshipers.[13]
    Didn't know the Chinese were Jews... nor did I know neopagans and Satanists were... gee... gotta check up on my liberal classification of religions...

    As I said before. You don't have the minerals necessary to actually do more than complain about being called out for being a defender of Catholic revisionism.
    I am defending the TRUTH, something your ilk have a hard time understanding.
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    Re: Tennessee Democrat stands by Nazi remarks

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatuey View Post
    Forgive me if I don't take a link from NewsBusters seriously?
    You don't take verbatim quotes passed over by The JournOlists, because you don't like the source?

    N A R R O W. Very N A R R O W.

    The Clintons are what happens...
    when you have NO MORAL COMPASS.

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