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Thread: Italian PM Berlusconi a suspect in juvenile prostitution case

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    Italian PM Berlusconi a suspect in juvenile prostitution case

    Earlier today Italy’s beleaguered prime minister learnt that prosecutors in Milan had formally made him a suspect in an investigation into alleged juvenile prostitution. Although the age of consent in Italy is 14, it is an offence to pay for sex with a prostitute aged under 18. According to a statement from Milan’s chief prosecutor, Mr Berlusconi is thought to have done just that. He is also suspected of abusing his position, a crime under Italian law.


    Mr Berlusconi is suspected of having sexual relations with an underage prostitute between February and May last year. That is when, by her own admission, a then 17-year-old Moroccan girl, Karima el-Mahroug (pictured), attended parties at the prime minister's villa near Milan. Ms el-Mahroug, who also goes by the name of Ruby Rubacuori ("Ruby Heartstealer"), had run away from her home in Sicily and become an exotic dancer in Milan nightclubs.
    Silvio Berlusconi's antics: The return of Ruby | The Economist

    Silvio Berlusconi is a dirty old man...but in his defense, I'd do her.

    It looks like this may be the end of his political career. He's come back from scandals many times before, but it's questionable if he can survive this. He wasn't particularly popular even before he was named a suspect; this is just the nail in the coffin.

    If Berlusconi resigns or is forced out, his untimely departure from the political scene might shake up global politics. He's the most senior G8 leader, and would pass that baton off to Angela Merkel. According to Wikileaks, he was Vladimir Putin's foothold into Western Europe. The next Italian PM might not be so pro-Russian.
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    Re: Italian PM Berlusconi a suspect in juvenile prostitution case

    Pretty old news. He has been under investigation for ages for this and many other things, but a law his party put in place protected him from prosecution. Now that law has been ruled unconstitutional.

    But as usual, dear Berlusloony is protected since he owns most of Italy's news media.. So chances are he will get off as usual.

    As for being Vladimir Putin's "foothold" into Western Europe... they do have a lot in common. Both are vain, both own directly or indirectly most of the countries media, and both are corrupt to the core. Only difference is that dear Berlusloony does not own the judiciary as Putin does in Russia, and Berlusloony has an opposition that is getting more and more united against him .. unlike Putin who kills of the opposition.

    And lets not forget, Berlusloony is/was a very good friend of the US, and that Berlusloony is very right wing.

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