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This is absolutely true, and this guys words shouldn't be taken as the end all be all.

However, his words...along with other accounts from people who knew him...along with his youtube channel...all are painting a picture of someone that, contrary to what the stereotypical discussion has been since 2 hours into this, would be as likely to go after Sarah Palin as he was to go after this Congresswomen with regards to his potential "politics" and someone who would not be motivated by an "atmosphere" of "hate" created by the "right wing".

Essentially, we're not going to know the factors for sure until we actually start getting facts from him and his belongings. However, there is FAR more circumstantial evidence actually related to this case...and not just speculation such as "He may've possibly been influenced by a map that we have no reason to believe he ever saw"...to suggest that this man was someone who didn't identify clearly with either of the political parties in this country and would not have been greatly affected by the "rhetoric" being put out by them.
The moment I saw him talk about government mind control somehow having something to do with grammar, I decided his political slant was "bat**** nutso ****."

Oldest party in the world.