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Thread: Youths riot in Algeria over high food prices

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    Youths riot in Algeria over high food prices

    Youths riot in Algeria over high food prices

    ALGIERS, Algeria Riots over rising food prices and chronic unemployment spiraled out from Algeria's capital on Thursday, with youths torching government buildings and shouting "Bring us Sugar!"
    Sugar prices (and all other foods as well) started going up with QE. It's happening here too. I understand the need to keep the liquidity gravy train rolling, but how long before we realize that it's making things worse?

    (if you don't feel this fits in the politics meme the question morphs into how long till we put the federal reserve in receivership?)
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    Re: Youths riot in Algeria over high food prices

    It isn't just QE II, but also the fact that stores of foodstuffs globally are even lower than they were in 2008. Droughts and floods in important grain producing areas since last summer have resulted in a grain shortfall that is fueling price rises. There is also the point that in US dollar terms, the price of oil is once again on the rise, raising production and more importantly, transportation costs...
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