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Perhaps I was not clear. My point was, not only did this widely cited study (believe me within the community of people with Autism in a family member this study/conclusion was very widely read and hotly debated), convince a certain percentage of people NOT to vaccinate their children (in my case it was not an issue as my son was already older when it came out, and we would not have taken that route), it raised hope for many that by following its conclusions their children would somehow recover.

"Skipping vaccines = dumb" is very easy to say when you are not the one with a child/dependent with this condition. If you have not personally lived with this challenge you cannot know what it is like, nor how greatly you hold out for a cure/improvement, if even only deep within your heart.
AHH, I misread your point as saying that it was wise to skip the vaccine, my apologies.

I fully understand that hope springs eternal, and when faced with a life challenge for which there is little hope, any sign is welcome... even if it's fleeting.