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Thread: Gas pump prices close in on average $3 a gallon

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    Gas pump prices close in on average $3 a gallon

    NEW YORK (AP) -- The average price of a gallon of gasoline this week continued to march steadily to $3 a gallon. In some parts of the country, it's above that already.

    On Friday the average price of a gallon of regular across the U.S. was almost $2.98, according to AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service. That's up 2 cents from Monday and 10 cents more than a week ago. Drivers on the West Coast pay an average $3.21 a gallon. Gas is about $3.09 a gallon in New England, $3.05 in the Mid-Atlantic states, $2.98 around the Great Lakes and $2.82 in the Southwest.

    Gas pump prices close in on average $3 a gallon - Yahoo! Finance
    Then there is this:

    Gas prices have risen $1 since just after President Obama took office in January 2009 and are now closing in on the $3 mark, prompting an evaluation of the administration's energy record and calls for the White House to open more U.S. land for oil exploration.

    Gas up $1 a gallon on Obama's watch - Washington Times

    Why don't we take a page from libs and start doing interviews from just under the gas station pricing signs in DC calling this Obama's fault on the nightly news....?

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    Re: Gas pump prices close in on average $3 a gallon

    Hmm... the price of gas stayed pretty steady around $2.50 a gallon for a while. Now it's steadily rising in the last month or so...}

    I dislike Obama as much as anyone, but it seems the Fed is to blame for this.

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    Re: Gas pump prices close in on average $3 a gallon

    Gas in my area has already hit over $3.15, sucks for those of us who drive 4x4 vehicles.
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