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Assange is attacking the US (mostly) using brand new warfare techniques.
I don't believe that Assange is behind the cyber attacks. Anonymous is anti-censorship in every possible way. They have a history of attacking any and all attempts to deny information to the internet. A valuable lesson would be to look at their attacks on Scientology for attempting to deny the internet access to Tom Cruise making an ass of himself during a scientology conference.

As far as the cyber attacks, though....

This just at a time when the US has more financial weaknesses than it may ever have had in it's history. Now teams of hackers are attacking Visa, Mastercard, paypal, Amazon, among other targets in the midst of a commercially important time.

Next we will see securities and commodity traders begin shorting US currency and financial interests like never before. Watch.

Bottom line... Several events have set off a chain reaction in our markets which has created many weaknesses, and now the wolves have smelled blood and the folks who do not like the benign hegemony of the US are beginning to attack us.

We need clear leadership and a clear plan to withdraw, regroups, heal and then reassert our dominance in the world if it isn't already too late.

I don't see that leadership here, or on any horizon.
This part will be interesting. Our greatest vulnerability isn't nuclear anymore...it's technological, and our enemies are testing us daily.

And, these attacks aren't limited to isolated groups of hackers. Foreign governments are constantly attacking our technology.

From Wikileaks...

WikiLeaks cables have shown that Chinese security firms, with ties to the Chinese military, hired hackers, including the group responsible for the original Blaster worm, to exploit Windows vulnerabilities, attack Google and conduct cyber warfare against U.S. government websites.
Privacy and Security Fanatic: Leaked Cables: Chinese Hackers Used Microsoft Source Code To Attack Google & US Government | Network World

It's not just our dirty underwear on those cables, y'all.