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Thread: Federal charges filed against bomb suspect; state charges dropped

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    Federal charges filed against bomb suspect; state charges dropped

    This has morphed into perhaps the strangest story I have seen since the Liberal retards in the house plus dumb-ass Biden started claiming that unemployment checks create jobs. Hell if that were true the best thing we could do is fire everyone and we'd have full employment. Liberal logic at work.

    In this case they are going to burn down a house that contains so many and such a large volume of dangerous volatile explosives they can't be moved.

    I am not by any stretch and explosives expert but I know a little, and one thing I know is that if you have an explosive contained in a sealed container and you heat that container up it's very likely to explode. I don't care what the volatile substance is that seems to be the case. Hell that's pretty basic isn't it?

    I heard last night on a San Diego Radio Station 760-KFMB that this amount of hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD), pentaerythitol tetranitrate (PETN) and erythritol tetranitrate (ETN) has the potential to level everything for several hundred square yards.

    I think that was an exaggeration but it's still very dangerous.

    What happened to cause the FBI not to bring in dogs to locate them all and explosive experts to remove the mason jars full of the stuff. I know they could lower the temperatures to near freezing to reduce the danger.

    I wonder if some of this is not being done for dramatic effect. Seriously it seems either not too well thought out or overly planned and orchestrated, for some other reason.

    Federal charges filed against bomb suspect; state charges dropped -
    The man suspected of creating a “bomb factory” at his rented house near Escondido has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to making destructive devices and robbing three banks. All state charges against him were dropped Friday morning.

    The federal indictment against George Djura Jakubec, 54, was handed down Thursday afternoon in U.S. District Court in San Diego.

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    Re: Federal charges filed against bomb suspect; state charges dropped

    This might very well be the dumbest post I've ever seen.
    He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear
    Quote Originally Posted by Lutherf View Post
    We’ll say what? Something like “nothing happened” ... Yeah, we might say something like that.

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