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Thread: Foreign crews help Israel battle massive forest fire

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    Foreign crews help Israel battle massive forest fire

    Further global assistance is due to arrive later on Friday, as fire crews battled high winds driving the blaze towards the city of Haifa.

    At least 41 people have died and scores have been injured in what is thought to be the country's largest forest fire.
    Planes from Cyprus, Turkey and Russia were on their way, while flame-retardant materials were being flown in from France, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said.

    BBC News - Foreign crews help Israel battle massive forest fire

    That is a tragic number of deaths and underlines the severity of this forest fire. Avigdor Lieberman made a point of thanking Turkey for the support despite the recent strain in relations and i hope this is a conciliatory step towards friendship however i am likely being over-optimistic.

    Regardless this issue is about Israel and this is being posted in respect for those killed, especially to those who where stuck in a coach when it caught fire yesterday amidst the chaos of the blaze.
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    Re: Foreign crews help Israel battle massive forest fire

    I am pleased to see that Russia is helping that is good news.

    I hope some of the idiots who post here don't go into shock to learn there is something in Israel that can burn.

    Nice to see nations come together at a time of need.

    I know the Israelis have turned large areas of desert into arable land as has been done in California for a very long time. They also have panted whole forests.

    Good story.

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