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Thread: Israel fire near Haifa kills dozens of prison guards

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    Israel fire near Haifa kills dozens of prison guards

    The fire in the northern Carmel region broke out about midday (1000 GMT), and hundreds of firefighters were battling the flames on the ground and from the air amid heavy winds.

    Emergency crews from across the country tried to reach the scene, weaving through heavy rush-hour traffic as night fell.
    The human toll in this fire is horrendous, but there is another toll which is just as great. From the very beginning of Jewish immigration to Palestine, in the early 1900's, the Jewish National Fund has aggressively sought donations to plant trees there. The effort has transformed desert into paradise. This fire is not only bad, but strikes at the very soul of Israel. While you are mourning the victims, also say a prayer for the trees, and offer a donation to the JNF to restore those trees which were lost to the fire.

    To wish Israel life and luck, please make your donations for trees in multiples of 18 dollars.


    Article is here.
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