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Tell me about honest times, and when we last stayed with way we were.
I don't know what you mean by "we last stayed with the way we were." But I can tell you that individuals, peoples, societies, cultures and civilizations are born, grow, change, and die. Sometimes a paradigm of honor and honesty will be adopted, honored in practice, and then honored more in the breach. In any event, the Bamster's dishonesty is obvious.

While dishonesty has always been with us, it is more brazen today. The same year we are promised that we will not lose our preferred insurance coverage under Obamacare some of us start losing exactly that.

Taxes are tough to justify politically, but easy to justify on judicial review. Sometimes fees are easy to justify politically, but harder to defend judicially.

During the Obamacare debate, the Democrats in Congress said that the penalties under Obamacare were fees, not taxes. But a few months later, in the subsequent litigation in Federal District Court, the government attorneys characterized the penalties as a tax. This has not happened before in my lifetime.

Honest times were an era when the Bureau of Labor Statistics would not have made an unannounced change to the formula for computing the unemployment rate. A change which has the effect of making the official rate of unemployment lower than it was before.

The deception about the Gulf of Tonkin was not obvious. Neither was the deception about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Bamster's lies are obvious for the whole world to see.