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Thread: Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed

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    Re: Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcana XV View Post
    I'm not disputing the findings in the Spiegel article. In fact, I pretty much agree that there is a huge problem with the Turkish community in Germany. I AGREE with Merkel. I've said as much earlier in the thread.

    My argument with you is that you seem to think that integration is the only solution and that it'll work as well in Europe as it does in North America. I'm not here to discuss the people who deliberately live in that parallel society. I already know they exist and they are part of the problem. I'm here to tell you that even those who do everything right DON'T get accepted anyway. And it's not about color, for chrissake. Don't you understand this happens to all foreigners, no matter where they come from? It happened to the first wave if Italian and Spanish immigrants. It happens to Canadians, like me. It happens to Americans, French, British. You should see how the German immigrants are treated in Swiss Germany.
    LOL... I know how the Germans are treated in Switzerland; like the Poles in Germany. And... the second generation will have it easier... if they integrate.

    A good buddy of mine, ein Bayer has an Arzt Praxis in der Schweiz, and he jokes about the treatment of Germans there.

    As for citizenship, I disagree with you. It should definitely be made easier, especially for those born in the country. Integration is much easier in the US because, once you're a permanent resident, a Green Card holder, the path to citizenship isn't very long or complicated. What's complicated is actually getting into the country legally, but that's another debate. The other thing the US offers that Germany doesn't, is automatic citizenship to those born on your soil. You may think it's insignificant, but I'll tell you one thing I know from recent personal experience. I recently obtained Swiss citizenship after nearly 20 years in this country. I feel different. My commitment to this country got stronger and I feel like I'm no longer an outsider. When I talk about Switzerland, I no longer say "they" like I used to. I say "we". Citizenship matters more than you think. I do agree that it shouldn't be given lightly, but when we're talking about people who were born, raised and educated in the country, if they don't deserve it, then who does?
    1. I never said it was easy in Europe to get citizenship; I don't think it should be easy.
    2. Allowing children of illegals to become citizens was a huge mistake in the US.
    3. Citizenship is nice if you want it and get it, but no reason to hinder integration.
    4. People born to legal residents of the country should be permitted citizenship; that's one thing we agree on, but again... lacking citizenship should not hinder integration. What better way to show you should be a citizen than being integrated?

    Jetzt muss ich ein Kleine Häppchen machen. Guten!

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    Re: Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed

    Quote Originally Posted by Laila View Post
    In Saudi Arabia yes it is compulsory.

    Not in the West so many who do wear it choose to wear a burqa
    Really? How do you know? Do you know there are not pressures from the spouse? The family? The religious leaders?

    The fact is you don't.

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