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Like the typical Liberal response you try to change the subject as a result of your lack of intellectual acuity in dealing with the subject at hand.

Why is it that instead of simply insisting that the "Imbecile in Chief Obama" and the rest of his cabal along with every other elected official, law enforcement officer, and all others in this Nation, from Federal, and State down to Local officials who are currently guilty of malfeasance live up to their oath of office and enforce the damn law on the books.
No, you're the one focusing on something totally irrelevant.

Your entire post essentially says, "A politician told a fib. *Stop Everything!*"

You're claiming that Obama is the worst president in the history of your nation because he said "The border is safe." Would you have preferred him to say "The border is out of control! Panic! Everyone, run"?

No, instead of focusing on his words, you should focus on suggesting proactive solutions.

And so I ask you again -- considering the dangerous and volatile nature of border-relations between the US and Mexico, what would you prefer him to do?