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Thread: Man Shot With Taser By L.A. Deputy Dies

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    Re: Man Shot With Taser By L.A. Deputy Dies

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetboogieman View Post
    And that's the unfortunate thing about a tazer... it's not perfect.

    But let me get this straight... People are protesting the shooting of a knife wielding maniac... because he was Gautemalan? And they think it was racially motivated?
    That's what politcal correctness with gitcha'.

    You think the Rodney King riots would have happened, if Rodney King had been white?
    Quote Originally Posted by americanwoman View Post
    So there is absolutely no evidence this woman, whom you called a slut, did this but you are ready to take someone's word as evidence. Guess you don't think witch hunts have to end when it's going after the certain people.

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    Re: Man Shot With Taser By L.A. Deputy Dies

    So this guy ignored a lawful order and suffered the consequences.
    Quote Originally Posted by faithful_servant View Post
    Being a psychiatric patient does not mean that you are mentally ill.

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