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Thread: U.N. Security Council Summit to Boost Global Involvement

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    U.N. Security Council Summit to Boost Global Involvement

    With as little public notice as possible, the United Nations Security Council plans to hold a summit meeting next week to significantly boost its role as a global military and police force, social development agency and international arbitrator, all rolled into one.


    According to the document, the main aim of the two-hour special session is to provide a summary statement by world leaders that will provide a “political framework” for a stronger Council role in world affairs, a justification for keeping U.N. forces involved for longer periods of time in countries riven by conflict (the paper calls it “sustained engagement”).

    Indeed, one of the aims of the session seems to be to change the international discussion of peacekeeping from a strictly limited operation, after which U.N. forces would leave a conflict-stricken country, into a longer-term role for the U.N. as a benevolent supervisor and organizer of social and economic development in war-torn regions.

    In other words, a much more sophisticated, lengthy—and expensive—form of multilateral intervention. - U.N. Security Council Summit to Boost Global Involvement

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    Re: U.N. Security Council Summit to Boost Global Involvement

    The UN is and has been a waste of money and they seldom do the right thing in our favor and we pay them to treat us like dirt.

    They are useless when it comes to saving lives also. Kofee Annan before becoming head idiot held a lower rank and Ordered a Canadian General not to interfere with the murderous rampage in Rwanda.

    We need to kick the UN out of New York and never allow them back.

    frontline: the triumph of evil: 100 days of slaughter

    April 6, 1994 Rwandan President Habyarimana and the Burundian President are killed when Habyarimana's plane is shot down near Kigali Airport. Hutu extremists, suspecting that the Rwandan president is finally about to implement the Arusha Peace Accords, are believed to be behind the attack. The killings begin that night.

    April 7, 1994 The Rwandan Armed Forces (FAR) and Hutu militia (the interahamwe) set up roadblocks and go from house to house killing Tutsis and moderate Hutu politicians. Thousands die on the first day. Some U.N. camps shelter civilians, but most of the U.N. peackeeping forces (UNAMIR--United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda) stand by while the slaughter goes on. They are forbidden to intervene, as this would breach their "monitoring" mandate.

    On this day, ten Belgian soldiers with UNAMIR, assigned to guard the moderate Hutu Prime Minister, are tricked into giving up their weapons. They are tortured and murdered.

    Also on this day, President Clinton issues a statement:

    "... shocked and deeply saddened ... horrified that elements of the Rwandan security forces have sought out and murdered Rwandan officials ... extend my condolences ... condemn these actions and I call on all parties to cease any such actions immediately ..."

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