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Thread: Mosque imam's associate calls WTC attacks an 'inside job'

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    Re: Mosque imam's associate calls WTC attacks an 'inside job'

    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Radley View Post
    Am I responsible for every idiot thought someone I know has?
    Since myself not knowing you, the question you posed is one only you can answer. .

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    Re: Mosque imam's associate calls WTC attacks an 'inside job'

    Quote Originally Posted by JakeFromWI View Post
    To not see any negative implications in such a poll is inherently perpetuating our slide away from living a peaceful coexistence with them.
    i'd word it slightly different, but i think you're mostly right

    it's absolutely tragic what's happening around here and it was all fully foreseeable

    that is, IF bigmouthed, half baked obama inserted himself into the middle of this mostly local controversy

    of course, there would be reaction

    and he won't even get his mosque, that's the weirdest thing, he absorbs all the pain with no political gain

    he does this with every foolish false step he takes, he does NOT understand the american people

    suing arizona, moving ksm downtown, cramming huge and unread reforms, mirandizing mutallab, banning and unbanning and banning again drilling...

    trying to raise taxes (in times like these)

    attacking energy production

    washington does NOT know best

    he just doesn't get it, doesn't get us

    you probably don't either

    we get you, oh, boy, we've had your pretty, progressive thought patterns crammed down our pieholes for generations like obamacare

    but, yes, it's tragic what this polls reveals

    almost every muslim student i've ever had, and there are many, has been simply outstanding, in just about every way

    their families are gorgeous, make a public school teacher's heart bleed

    americans used to talk about this narrow, little question, perhaps, but nowhere near as much and with nowhere near as much HEAT

    what have you wrought, barry hussein?

    THIS is post racial?

    he's a disgrace
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