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Thread: Tea Partiers Bring Cause to Washington

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    Re: Tea Partiers Bring Cause to Washington

    Quote Originally Posted by RightinNYC View Post
    The point was that you haven't raised any coherent criticisms and are merely throwing things at the wall and hoping they sticks. Your next post is a perfect example of this.

    This was discussed ad nauseum 6 months ago when it first came out.

    It's much ado about nothing. If you want to discuss that further, take it to that thread rather than clogging up this one.
    Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion but just so there's no misunderstanding these are the points of the topic I've addressed....

    Quote Originally Posted by danarhea View Post
    The Republican base is riled up, for sure, but is is really a Republican base? ....
    No, it is not really the Republican base. It is a fake grassroots movement funded by billionaires who want to destroy the country.

    But what of the rally itself? This can be shown by the signs that were displayed, and what people were saying.
    I posted a youtube video showing the signs that were displayed at the tea rallies....

    YouTube - TEA PARTY RACISM: What The Media Won't Show You About Teabagger Racism

    ...and what people were saying (ie: Newt Gingrich, Forbes Magazine, Ginny Thomas) They all have the same narrative as the Freedom Works tea partiers.

    Rachel Maddow Show

    1) Said one member, "Not only should we be listened to, we should be shown deference". Whoa! Shown deference? That will never happen, but you will certainly be listened to. In order to get people to listen harder, which is something that could approach deference, you need to get the word out, and that takes work. Simply making demands won't cut it. But it looks like the sleeves are rolled up, and people are doing everything they can to convince others that the status quo is no longer acceptable. I support that.
    Do you support shout downs at townhall meetings? Because the shouters were trained by Freedom Works to disrupt the meetings so the healthcare bill couldn't be coherently explained to "regular people".

    2) Warning those who attended that "Republican elitists who see us only as a vote". I agree, and this is an excellent talking point. The Tea Party Express attempted to hijack the movement, and they failed. Being vigilant against other hijacking attempts will keep the Tea Party movement as it was intended, as a movement, not a group of political hacks. I support this too.
    LOL And Dick Armey, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin aren't political hacks? Puuulease.

    3) "An end to bailouts, once and for all". Hell yes. I'm with you on this. The banksters need to get off the government welfare tit, and earn their own way, just like the rest of us have to.
    Well, yeah.

    4) "An end to Marxist income taxes". A bit over the top, but I like it. After all, regular people are being taxed way too much, in order to support the government's addiction to spending. The government needs to be weaned, and fast.
    Marxist? That's Bircher talk. A good portion of the stimulus bill were tax cuts for "regular people"....

    FACTBOX - Tax details of US stimulus plan | Reuters

    5) "Uncle Sam wants you to speak English". I agree completely. In America, English is the official language, and those who don't speak it are doomed to spending the remainder of their lives with a leaf blower in their hands.
    LOL. That would disqualify Palin and Bush and a lot of other Americans then wouldn't it? "is our children learning?" "Refudiate." Gubamint, libary, yutes,....

    6) "Obama Creates Jobs at Ground Zero". Uncalled for. Obama may support the property rights of ALL Americans, Muslims included, but it is the City of New York, along with New York's private sector, that is creating the jobs NEAR, NOT AT, Ground Zero. Most New Yorkers don't have a problem with it. Everybody else should just butt out. It's none of your damn business.
    Agree. But then look at Newt Gingrich making it his business....

    44 - Newt Gingrich compares 'Ground Zero mosque' backers to Nazis

    Whoa, that sounds just like Bircher talk.

    7) "Donít Tread on Me". Oh yea, that goes without saying. They should have been showing that flag during the Bush administration too, but a little late is better than never, just as long as they don't put that flag away in a drawer when the next Republican president is elected.
    The Koch's made billions when Bush was president so why would they fund a faux movement against the hand that fed them?

    8) "We donít want a Kenyan reject"

    9) "By ballot or bullet"

    These two show that there are, indeed, a few nutters in the Tea Party movement. But they don't represent the majority of them. Let those two find a home in the kicked out Tea Party Express.
    And yet, the Tea Party Express were the "real" grassroots of the teaparty.

    10) "Government is in too much of our lives". And on that note, I will end my post without comment, considering how obvious this is.

    Article is here.
    Actually it's not obvious at all because government isn't any bigger now than it was under Bush or Clinton or Reagan. The anti-government nonsense is contrived by Koch Birchers who got their piece of the American pie and now they don't want the middle class to have any.
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