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as to being easier, know this. every single freakin bullet that gets issued is accountable. you sign for it. if you are short a bullet you have to explain where the hell it went. the rules of engagement are so damn rigid that it makes it damn near impossible to actually shoot anyone. So it is not any easier to get away with killing someone without justification in today's combat than it is in civilian life.

If I wanted to kill a random civilian for fun it would be just as easy to do it here as it would be in Afghanistan or Iraq. I won't go into the details because that might give some nutter reading this ideas.
And how hard would it be to account for them? Seriously? And how hard would it be to excuse killing by simply saying they did something they didn't?

This isn't really that controvestial. I am surprised anyone takes exception to it. But war presents the opportunity to kill wrongly, and does so as much as it does justifiably. And in the middle of a war zone, the opportunities will nearly always present themselves. Remember Iraq? Even the charges that didn't see convictions were only lost due to lack of evidence (and some claim that lack was because of the investigation being hindered). It is hard to prosecute and know.

But here, there would be no hiding it among the other bodies. We would know someone committed a crime. In war, we can excuse it as collateral or even lie that it was really the enemy, or just that we thought it was the enemy. Logically, that makes it harder to even know there was a crime, and as such easier to commit.