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Thread: CAPITAL CULTURE: All the presidents' best-sellers

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    CAPITAL CULTURE: All the presidents' best-sellers

    CAPITAL CULTURE: All the presidents' best-sellers - Yahoo! News

    Two of them, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Barack Obama, did it before they were in the Oval Office. Two others, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, did it after they had returned to private life. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan also reached the height of the best-seller list, albeit posthumously.

    Not that the other chief executives didn't try. Richard M. Nixon wrote 12 books, nearly all of them after he resigned as president. Harry Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald R. Ford and George H.W. Bush also turned author but never enjoyed the satisfaction that comes with a top seller.

    George W. Bush's book, "Decision Points," is set for release this fall by Crown Publishers. It's not an autobiography, Bush says, but an analysis of key moments in his life, from quitting drinking to invading Iraq.
    I'm a history junkie and I'll probably be buying this. I doubt it'll highlight any negative points in his career or give a deep explanation of how he dealt with members of his administration as CinC but I'll still be interested in any chapters pre-presidency. Most books which have been written by presidents about themselves tend to be self serving and seldom deal with the darker aspects of the person writing them. I don't care if you're left or right wing, don't flood this thread with crap about the Iraq war or Bush being a puppet or whatever other weird **** you're debating now.
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    Re: CAPITAL CULTURE: All the presidents' best-sellers

    Don't know if I'll buy it or not. I haven't been following.
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