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Thread: Violence erupts during South Africa strike.

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    Violence erupts during South Africa strike.

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) Police fired rubber bullets on protesting teachers throwing bricks and stones and nurses tore down a gate at a hospital as a nationwide civil servants' strike for higher wages took hold in South Africa on Thursday.

    On the second day of the strike for higher wages, teachers in the red T-shirts of their union scattered as police fired to stop them from blocking a stretch of highway during a protest in Johannesburg.
    The Associated Press: Violence erupts during South Africa strike

    wow, South African teachers mustn't be paid very much, and nurses have also been striking, and blocking access to hospitable.
    Nurses tore down a gate at one Johannesburg hospital and striking workers were keeping their non-striking colleagues and patients from entering hospitals around the country.
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    Re: Violence erupts during South Africa strike.

    A sad state of affairs in the Republic. Thing is public servants do strike ALOT! But the government is so corrupt and essentially public servants aren't always hired on merit, the state of public service in South Africa is pretty dire.

    My Grandmother is a teacher there, but in a better area and I think with more pay, but it's still pretty bad. I can see why they're mad.

    But honestly this is a bigger issue then just this, people are getting frustrated. They're frustrated because the government isn't working for them, and if it is it's screwing it up. The ANC is so corrupt it's unreal, while they're buying themselves Mercedes Benz and living in luxury, people still don't have basic water, sanitation, electricity... This government needs to go! But the problem is the ANC has been in power so long... I'm worried one day they just won't give up power even if they lost the election. 16 years is a long time to be in power and wanna give it up.

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