Excerpted from “F.D.A. Approves 5-Day Emergency Contraceptive” By GARDINER HARRIS, The New York Times, Published: August 13, 2010
Federal drug regulators on Friday approved a new form of emergency contraceptive pill that prevents pregnancies if taken as many as five days after unprotected intercourse.

The pill, called ella, will be available by prescription only. Developed in government laboratories, it is more effective than Plan B, the morning-after pill now available over the counter to women 17 and older.

That pill gradually loses efficacy and can be taken at most three days after sex. Ella, by contrast, works just as well on the fifth day as the first after sex.

Women who have unprotected intercourse have about 1 chance in 20 of becoming pregnant. Those who take Plan B within three days cut that risk to about 1 in 40, while those who take ella would cut that risk to about 1 in 50, regulators say. …
Some people are sure to view this event purely through the lens of the abortion debate; but, the appropriate analysis I believe is that this event is another major step forward for women's ability to control their procreative lives.