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Thread: Prop C passes overwhelmingly

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    Re: Prop C passes overwhelmingly

    last i remember we were talking about OBAMA'S cahoots with big banks and corporate greed---the grandfathered aig bailouts, the instructions from the ny fed to aig to keep secrets from the sec, the secret deal with phrma, the load of lobbyists in this administration put there, so many of em, by john podesta...

    the thread started with the earth shaking announcement that a full SEVENTY ONE PERCENT of show me's, who almost never miss the national mood, screamed NO to our corrupt chief exec's MANDATE that they must buy that prohibitively expensive private product

    i remember being blown away by the discovery that 580,000 reds turned out in missouri compared to just 315,000 depressed dems

    in michigan, i think it was the same day, 1.05 million republicans voted, only 525,000 dismal dems

    did you see wisconsin's primary 3 days ago, where walker downed neumann and ron johnson ran comfortably?

    615,000 knuckle draggers outpolled 233,000 enlightened in the badger state, a ratio of TWO POINT SIX FOUR TO ONE

    do you realize that whomever the cheeseheads send to the senate has a very solid chance of determining ultimate ownership?

    seeya in 6 weeks!
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