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I guess that's ok though...right? Because most Canadians are caucasian....

Let's not retard the thread with idiotic statements inferring I am racist....

As far as your second point....once again ....Wrong...maybe where you live. In Los Angeles, we have a very diverse community. There are often Soccer matches here between visiting countries. People often go out to support the country of their origin. It was also very common throughout the early 20th century for immigrants to form soccer leagues and wave the flags of their country.
To deny such, denies the history of this country....that we are a nation of immigrants

Newark, Ironbound section.

Red Bull Arena, harrison NJ

Most folks there are immigrants from the aforementioned section of Newark.


Try again.

No one cares what flag you wave at Red Bull Arena.....

Why would you waive a Mexican flag at a hockey game?